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In general, many organisations that have SAP as their ERP, do not exploit many of the functionalities that even in a standard way it provides, therefore the SAP Process Audit will allow a survey of information in relation to the current use and needs of the organisation that can and should be covered by SAP, in order to make suggestions and action plans to reduce or mitigate the pain points or bottlenecks that may be facing and that in the future, once resolved, will result in benefits for users and an efficient use of technology.

There are different scenarios that can trigger an SAP Process Audit

What must be clear is that the ultimate goal is that the customer perceives it as a need, rather than as a service per se.


It is based on detecting cycles and processes that have not been completed in their entirety, given that they generate losses or administrative and logistical problems for the organisation, indicating the documents and the causes to avoid future problems. The objective is to validate that the parameterised process flows are flowing in the correct way.
After the relevant reviews and evaluations, a report of findings is made with the respective observations and suggestions, which will result in a suggested action plan, which the organisations can carry out on their own or with the support of CORE.

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