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Passion and innovation in enterprise solutions. We offer professional consulting and development services that help companies maximise the return on their digital investments.
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SAP Digital Business Consulting Firm

Ezelent focuses on providing high-quality and personalised services to its clients. Unlike large consulting firms that offer general services, boutique SAP consultancies specialise in specific SAP solutions for clients in particular industries.

Ezelent has highly trained and experienced SAP consultants in their areas of expertise, enabling them to provide a personalised service tailored to the specific needs of their clients. In addition, due to their focus on specific SAP solutions, we are able to offer a deeper and more detailed level of knowledge compared to more generalist consulting firms.

Overall, Ezelent Boutique SAP consultancy focuses on providing high-quality, customised solutions to companies looking to implement or improve their SAP system, and does so through a combination of specialist knowledge, experience and personalised customer care. 5+ years of experience

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Staff specialised in digital consulting

We are friendly, enthusiastic, accommodating and listen to your needs we will work with you to help you find the solutions you’ve been looking for!

Business Consulting

The solution that supports the development and scalability of our customers during the constant improvement phase of the SAP platform.

Support Services

Focus Dedicated teams know their installation best. Flexibility You can increase or decrease teams depending on demand.

Software Q&A Testing

At Ezelent we are experts in SAP Testing, which is a service that helps customers ensure that their critical business applications are working properly.

Integration Solutions

We know all the custom integrations and all the available technologies: Mappings, Java mappings, custom adaptor modules, XSLT transformations, etc...


SAP Field Service Management (FSM) is a cloud-based platform that enables service organisations to define, plan, optimise and digitise their field service operations.


It is based on detecting cycles and processes that have not been completed in their entirety, given that they generate losses or administrative and logistical problems for the organisation, indicating the documents and the causes to avoid future problems.

The digital landscape is changing at an impressive speed. New technologies, platforms and trends are constantly emerging, which can be overwhelming for companies looking to establish a strong online presence. At Ezelent, we understand the challenge of keeping up with the latest digital developments, which is why we are here to guide you and provide you with the right strategies to suit your needs and goals

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We’re friendly, enthusiastic, responsive and listen to your needs we’ll work with you to help you find the solutions you’ve been looking for!